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Types of Firewood


All seasoned firewood is fundamentally similar, but did you know that the type of firewood that you burn could affect your experience? Each type of wood burns at a different temperature and for different amounts of time, emits a different smell, and pops more or less than other types.

While it varies from time to time, we normally have mixed hardwoods, pecan and oak available for sale in our wood yard located at 4523 Samuell Blvd. The most popular and economical option is the mixed hardwoods, but depending on your individual needs, you might want to choose the more expensive oak or pecan. We outline below the differences between these types of firewood so that you can choose the most optimal firewood for your needs.

Mixed Hardwoods: includes Hackberry, Ash, Sycamore, Elm, etc. Very easy to light and burns hot. Crackles and pops the most out of the wood that we offer. Least expensive and least dense of the firewood we offer.

Oak: Very easy to light and burns very hot. The aroma is very nice and not too strong. Long burn time and pops the least of the wood we offer. Very dense and most expensive.

Pecan: Can be more difficult to light and needs kindling. Burns very hot. The aroma is very nice and relatively light. Crackles and pops less than mixed hardwoods and is more expensive. One of the densest of the nut varieties of wood.

Of course, each fire will burn differently, despite the species of tree used, due to knots, cavities, areas of decay, etc. We sell both seasoned and green wood that you can purchase and let season on your own property. We suggest that you let your cut wood season for at least one year before attempting to burn.

Come visit the wood yard or call us at 214-328-7213 to inquire about the types of wood we have at any given time.