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Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services in Dallas

Although tree removal is only recommended as a last resort, we understand that trees are living things and will eventually succumb, whether it’s due to disease, a natural disaster or simply old age. Dead or dying trees can present danger to your home and property and must be removed carefully and efficiently as to preserve the surrounding area. If you see dead branches, detached branches, large cavities, cracks or splits in the trunk or branches, or if the trunk has developed a significant lean, it might be time to consider removing the tree, as it could pose a substantial risk to yourself, your property, power lines, other people or their property.

Tree removal can be very technical and dangerous, and should be left to a Certified Arborist. The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture: Certified Arborists at Personal Touch Tree Service will consult with you to determine the cause of decline and offer options for treatment if possible. If tree removal is the answer, you can rest assured that our arborists are equipped with the best tools and technology to get the job done, no matter how large or technical the tree removal.

Once your problematic tree or trees have been removed and chipped up, we give you the option of either keeping the chipped mulch, or we will gladly haul away. We encourage keeping the mulched wood to use in your garden or flower beds. Having a 2”-4” layer of mulch helps keep moisture in the ground, thus saving you time, money and water.

While we hope to be able to save your tree before tree removal is necessary, you can count on Personal Touch Tree Service to get the job done in the most safe and effective way possible.

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