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We offer a variety of tree care services. Here is an alphabetical list of our most popular services.

Air Spading

Our certified Arborists and trained crews use an Air Spade to expose tree root flare, aerate the soil around a tree and trench for irrigation.

Ball Moss and Mistletoe Removal

Ball moss and mistletoe plants can be unwelcome guests on your trees. We can remove these parasites while preserving the health and character of your trees.

Brush Chipping/Free Mulch

Once we have mulched the wood created from your tree services, we can either leave the free mulch for you to use, or we will gladly bring it back to the wood yard to give away.

Cabling and Bracing

Correct installation of cabling and bracing rods can substantially increase the structure of your trees. We are well versed in these techniques and you can rest assured that job will be done properly.

Disease and Pest Management

Once you determine that your tree might be under stress due to disease or pest infestation, it is important to call a professional to help identify the problem(s) and nurse the tree back to health.

Emergency Tree Care

Our turbulent Dallas/Fort Worth weather calls for a reliable storm damage crew that you can trust. No matter the extent of your tree or property damage, our certified arborists and crews will provide the best care for your trees while leaving your property tidy.

Firewood and Cooking Wood

No matter how little or how much you need, we have an entire wood yard of firewood and cooking wood to fulfill all of your needs. Come by the wood yard with a truck or trailer, or call to ask about delivery options.

Lot Clearing

We take careful precautions to design a plan for undergrowth removal in the most accurate and least invasive manner possible with the preservation of your trees in mind.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the best solution is to have the stump ground down several inches below the surface to avoid unattractive roots and to clear the way for future construction or landscaping ventures.

Tree Consultations

Our Certified Arborists start by visiting with you to examine your property, discuss your needs, and determine the best plan of action for your trees.

Tree Fertilization

Many environmental factors determine how much or how few nutrients are in the soil and available to your trees. Our professionals determine the appropriate course of fertilization and execute accordingly.

Tree Mitigation

With over 20 years in the industry, we know that incorrect tree mitigation and planning can cost you money and time, so put your trust in us to help guide you through the process.

Tree Removal

Dead or dying trees can pose a serious threat to the surrounding property. If you need a tree removed, trust our professionals to get the job done right.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Having been in business for over 20 years, we approach trimming and pruning your trees with the both the aesthetics and well being of the tree in mind.