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The Stake Debate


When planting a new tree, which is the correct thing to do…to stake or not to stake? The answer to that question depends on several factors. Is the tree in a very windy area? Is the tree very small? Is there a danger of the tree shifting and potentially growing crookedly? If “yes” the answer to any of these questions, you most likely should stake the tree to ensure stability for the first year (but never any longer than a year). Trees grow stronger when they are not staked, so whenever possible it’s best not to stake.

A few side notes about planting…the most important thing to remember about planting a tree is not to plant it too deeply. Planting a tree too deeply will cause decline and will eventually kill the tree. The root flare should be slightly above the ground for best results. Also, the best time to plant a tree is in October or November because our winters are often mild compared to the severe heat and drought of summer.