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Storm Damage

Storm Damage

With our turbulent Dallas/Fort Worth weather, there is a definite need for reliable care for storm damage. Our ISA (International Society of Arboriculture: certified arborists are here when you need us!

High winds, heavy downpours, ice, snow and lightning can cause storm damage and broken limbs, causing damage to person, property and surrounding landscaping, and can block access to driveways, garages, streets and sidewalks. Broken limbs can fall on homes, cars, power lines and other structures, creating additional potential danger. Mature trees might have had previously undetected structural problems, and others are simply prone to having weak structures. Combine those problems with severe weather, and you have a recipe for disaster and an emergency.

No matter the extent of your storm damage, our certified arborists will determine the right emergency tree care for your landscape. Whether you need tree removal, limb removal, debris chipped or structural aid such as tree cabling and bracing, we have the solution for you. Our licensed and insured certified arborists can determine the appropriate emergency tree care resolution.

Unfortunately, anyone with a chainsaw and truck can call themselves an “arborist” in an emergency clean up situation, but many are unqualified and uninsured opportunists looking to make a quick buck, often asking higher prices than the professionals. We are dedicated to providing quality service, and we would like to be your tree care specialists for years to come. We also have extensive experience in working with you and your insurance provider when insurance is a factor. Additionally, as arborists, we have a code of ethics that we uphold and abide by, and any variance could result in a loss of accreditation.

Family owned and operated for over 20 years, the certified arborists and crews at Personal Touch Tree Service are well equipped with the tools and breadth and depth of knowledge to provide the best and most cost-effective storm damage care in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Keep our phone number handy (214-328-7213) for when disaster strikes. You can rest assured that you’re in the right hands!