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Protecting Your Trees from Sunburn


Proper pruning techniques are invaluable in so many ways, and perhaps one of the most interesting is that trees can actually get sunburned! As the temperatures soar this summer and you’re slathering on the sunblock, you might not think about how the scalding sun affects the “skin” of your trees.

If you are having your trees pruned this summer, you need to call a Certified Arborist, who will be knowledgeable in the practices of proper pruning. They know where and how much of the tree canopy to remove so that the tree will remain balanced, and the tender tissue on the inner tree branches will not be scalded by the sun, which can compromise the health of your tree. This is especially an issue with thin-barked trees, such as Red Oaks and Maple trees.

Not only is the overall health of your tree in jeopardy, but there are also other risks presented by overexposed and sunburned branches. Once the branch suffers and declines, it is much more likely to become frail and break during summer thunderstorms with high wind, or winter ice or snow storms. Branch breaks can cause property and personal damage and should be avoided by employing proper pruning techniques.

We hope you’ll keep Personal Touch Tree Service in mind when choosing a Certified Arborist to conduct your tree pruning!