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Proper Mulching Techniques

Fresh Mulch at the Wood Yard

Just like everything else in your landscape, it’s a good idea to mulch around a new tree to maintain moisture and protect the tree from extreme temperatures. While it is not necessary to mulch mature trees, you might want to for aesthetic purposes. So what’s the proper way to mulch your trees?

The best way to mulch around your trees is to spread a 2”-4” layer of mulch under the canopy of the tree. You’ll want to avoid a common mistake, which is piling up mulch against the trunk of the tree. Mounds of mulch invite insect and disease infestations, as trunk tissues are not made to withstand constant moisture.

The type of mulch is your decision, but we prefer cedar mulch because it smells good and repels snakes. Native hardwood mulch is also a great option and we often have mounds of free mulch at the wood yard. Simply call us at (214) 328-7213 ahead of time to make sure we the amount that you need.