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Planting Your Own Tree


Just yesterday we noticed that acorns are beginning to form on Red Oak trees…it’s that time of year! Planting your very own tree can be fun for adults and children alike and it’s much more fulfilling and economical than buying a sapling. Plus, you can rest assured that the tree you plant will most likely do well in your soil since the parent tree is healthy.

Planting a tree can be successful if you follow the correct steps. First, grab a handful of whole, healthy-looking acorns and put them into a bowl of water overnight. Discard the acorns that are floating, as they are not viable. Next, shovel some native soil into a plant container with holes in the bottom for drainage. Plant the acorn about an inch deep, making sure to place it on its side. Make sure you place the container in an area that gets about ½ a day of sunshine and water well. Keep the container watered well, but careful not to over water. Once you are ready to plant the new tree in the ground, make sure that you choose a place with enough room to grow to maturity. Now sit back and watch your tree grow!