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Fall Landscaping

Illustration by David Despau

The fall is nearing and believe it or not, it’s the very best time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to plant things. The temperate fall weather allows for new roots to really take hold before the winter comes, which is typically less harsh and lasts for less time than our grueling summers. Before you dig, it’s best to carefully consider the design and purpose of your landscape…much more is involved than just planting trees and plants.

Thoughtful land planning, plant selection and proper maintenance are all things that embody landscape horticulture. Before you get started with a new garden area or plant bed, you must consider the existing land. Where are the trees? How much sunlight does the area get? Is the area exposed to the North or South winds? Do you need to build any fences, walls or a patio? These are all great questions to ask yourself before planning your landscape.

Another very important element in the development of your new landscape is use of the space. Is it an area of relaxation or recreation? How much space do you have and what is the correct size of the plants you should use for that space? (Hint: always plant to maturation of the plant to avoid over-crowding.)

Finally, consider maintenance of the area. How involved do you want to be with maintaining the area? If you don’t have time of desire for heavy maintenance and watering, choose Texas Native plants that can withstand our climate with little intervention from you. To limit maintenance, you should plan for things like small lawn areas, groundcovers, an irrigation system, small flower beds and ornamental trees.

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