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Disease and Pest Management

Disease and Pest Management

Insects and disease prey on distressed trees and plants. It’s important for a tree to have proper nutrients, light, and water, and too much or too little of any of these environmental conditions may cause stress, which weakens trees and makes them more susceptible to insect and disease attack.

One of the most important ways to maintain the health of your trees is by proper disease and pest management. Once you detect that your tree might be under stress, it is vitally important to call a professional to help diagnose and treat the tree back to health.

Our ISA (International Society of Arboriculture: Certified Arborists have been through rigorous training to properly identify disease and pest problems, and are thoroughly versed in disease and pest management techniques that are tried and proven to be highly effective.

While we recommend proactively caring for your trees with correct trimming and pruning techniques and a proper fertilization schedule, we know that sometimes trees get sick. Since many diseases and pest infestations are plant-specific, the first step in disease and pest management is correctly identifying the tree. Once this is done, we can begin to rule out certain diseases and begin to diagnose the problem. Is it a disease? Is it insect infestation? If so, is it a chewing, sucking or boring insect? Which treatment is best? While these questions might sound intimidating to the average homeowner, rest assured that our Certified Arborists are highly knowledgeable and thoroughly equipped to answer each question with complete confidence.

Once diagnosis is complete, we will provide a plan to treat and nurture the health of the tree back to normal and reduce its susceptibility to further disease or pest infestation.

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