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Trees for Dallas-Fort Worth

Split Bradford Pear

Due to the recent (and epic) rains and storms, we’ve been really busy with storm clean-up from broken limbs and downed trees. And most people think that all trees are equal…they all have trunks, leaves and roots, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. Many people don’t […]

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Storm Damage and Your Trees

Storm Damaged Tree

We have been getting a lot of calls lately about storm damage to trees. The best way to prevent damage to your trees is to keep them trimmed properly as to minimize damage when storms do hit. If damage does occur, the first thing to do is […]

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We’ve Moved!

We've broken ground on the new office building!

We have MOVED! Please visit our new location at 4523 Samuell Boulevard, Dallas, 75228. We are so excited to have already broken ground on our new office building and envision the space having an expanded wood and mulch yard, community garden and much more! Construction will take […]

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Live Oaks Shedding Leaves

live oak leaf drop

If you have Live Oaks in your yard, you might notice that they are shedding some of their leaves right now. We typically receive an influx of calls with people who are concerned about the health of their Live Oaks, but don’t worry, this is a natural […]

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Spring Storm Tips

Storm Tree

Spring showers and storms are a very welcomed sight around here, although the winds they bring can be very damaging to our trees and property. Because North Texas has endured several consecutive years of severe drought, our trees are very vulnerable to damage due to wind. Deep […]

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It’s Time to Mulch!

Fresh Mulch at the Wood Yard

As we enter spring, the vacillating temperatures often even damage new growth put on by shrubs and trees in the landscape. Take this week for example, we dipped down to below 30° for two nights, then we’ll soar to almost 80° over the weekend. Without proper protection, […]

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Tips to Prevent Seasonal Damage


Now that we are heading into the fall and winter, the threat of storm, wind, ice and snow damage is nearing. Here are a few tips that can help prevent seasonal damage to your trees and property: Call us at 214-328-7213 if we can help winterize your […]

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Exceptional Year for Fall Color


It’s been an exceptional year for Fall color in the Metroplex. Red Oaks, such as the one seen here are among the last to turn from green to bright red, deep maroon and brilliant orange.

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Sometimes Trees Can Make a Mess


Sometimes trees can make a mess of your property, especially in major droughts or storms. Our crews are trained in proper removal techniques to mitigate any further damage during the clean-up process.

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