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Fall Landscaping

Illustration by David Despau

The fall is nearing and believe it or not, it’s the very best time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to plant things. The temperate fall weather allows for new roots to really take hold before the winter comes, which is typically less harsh and lasts for less […]

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Planting Your Own Tree


Just yesterday we noticed that acorns are beginning to form on Red Oak trees…it’s that time of year! Planting your very own tree can be fun for adults and children alike and it’s much more fulfilling and economical than buying a sapling. Plus, you can rest assured […]

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The Secret is in the Soil


Help your trees survive (even thrive) the heat of the summer…the secret is in the soil! While you can’t change the entirety of the soil your trees are planted in, you can amend the soil to provide invaluable minerals, vitamins and air. Since we don’t recommend watering […]

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The Stake Debate


When planting a new tree, which is the correct thing to do…to stake or not to stake? The answer to that question depends on several factors. Is the tree in a very windy area? Is the tree very small? Is there a danger of the tree shifting […]

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Protecting Your Trees from Sunburn


Proper pruning techniques are invaluable in so many ways, and perhaps one of the most interesting is that trees can actually get sunburned! As the temperatures soar this summer and you’re slathering on the sunblock, you might not think about how the scalding sun affects the “skin” […]

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Storm Damage


Storm season is upon us and we have chances of storms for the next week or so. These photos were taken this morning of a Bradford Pear that split in last night’s storm. Bradford Pears, though beautiful, are unfortunately very weak trees and are prone to splitting. […]

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Proper Mulching Techniques

Fresh Mulch at the Wood Yard

Just like everything else in your landscape, it’s a good idea to mulch around a new tree to maintain moisture and protect the tree from extreme temperatures. While it is not necessary to mulch mature trees, you might want to for aesthetic purposes. So what’s the proper […]

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Spatial Pruning

Tree Pruning

More and more often, we are seeing landscapers place plants closer together for immediate satisfaction, rather than planting for how large the plants will be at maturity. This practice becomes especially problematic when the plants are trees. Eventually your trees will need spatial pruning to not only […]

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Types of Firewood


All seasoned firewood is fundamentally similar, but did you know that the type of firewood that you burn could affect your experience? Each type of wood burns at a different temperature and for different amounts of time, emits a different smell, and pops more or less than […]

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New Office Building Update


We’re excited about the progress on the construction of the new office building! Here are a few shots of the slab being poured. The building will feature several offices, a conference room, and plenty of storage space among other things. We will keep the updates coming, so […]

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