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Trees for Dallas-Fort Worth

Due to the recent (and epic) rains and storms, we’ve been really busy with storm clean-up from broken limbs and downed trees. And most people think that all trees are equal…they all have trunks, leaves and roots, right? Well, that’s not quite the case.

Many people don’t realize that some trees are stronger and more tolerant to our soil, drought, high winds, heavy rain, hail and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us. We recommend that people choose Burr Oaks, Chinquapin Oaks and Live Oaks. Although, Live Oaks are susceptible to Oak Wilt and because they keep their leaves year-round, winter ice or snow could build up and potentially break a limb. But the benefits of the Live Oak and its acclimation to our area outweigh the negative aspects.

Conversely, there are weaker trees that are much more susceptible to bad weather and conditions…some are very popular around the Metroplex. Starting with the lovely but very weak Bradford Pear. Everyone loves it because it is one of the only trees in our area that has 4 actual seasons: beautiful and fragrant blooms in the spring, glossy green leaves in the summer, brilliant fall color, and it’s deciduous so the leaves fall in winter. However, it’s one of the weakest and shortest-lived trees out there. We’ve seen some really badly damaged and unsalvageable Bradford Pears over the past month. American Elms, Cottonwoods, Pecans, Red Oaks and Willows are also in the group of weaker trees.