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It’s Time to Mulch!

As we enter spring, the vacillating temperatures often even damage new growth put on by shrubs and trees in the landscape. Take this week for example, we dipped down to below 30° for two nights, then we’ll soar to almost 80° over the weekend. Without proper protection, this fluctuation in temperature can be detrimental to your trees and landscape. The best way to protect your landscape is to use a 2”-4” layer of hardwood mulch.

In their most natural state, trees thrive in forests where leaves, fallen limbs and sticks provide insulation and nutrients as they decompose on the forest floor. It’s wise to take a cue from nature and recreate this ideal situation in our landscapes through mulching. A constant layer of mulch moderates soil temperatures, helps retain water moisture and provides nutrients to help your trees thrive.

We offer hardwood mulch free to the public at our wood yard at 8618 Garland Road, available by the truckload or whatever quantity suits your needs. We would also be glad to deliver by the truckload within 5 miles of the wood yard.