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Storm Damage and Your Trees

We have been getting a lot of calls lately about storm damage to trees. The best way to prevent damage to your trees is to keep them trimmed properly as to minimize damage when storms do hit. If damage does occur, the first thing to do is assess the level of damage.

If damage is less than 25% of the entire tree and/or the tree is relatively young, your tree has a good chance of recovery. In this situation, you should simply prune the smaller branches that have been damaged and removed broken branches so that the otherwise healthy tree can go about recovering.

If you notice more than minimal damage, it’s best not to prune too much too soon. Your tree has a better chance of survival if you leave branches and leaves on the tree so that it can get as many nutrients as possible to aid in healing. If you are worried about your borderline tree, give us a call to help assess the situation and offer