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Spring Storm Tips

Spring showers and storms are a very welcomed sight around here, although the winds they bring can be very damaging to our trees and property.

Because North Texas has endured several consecutive years of severe drought, our trees are very vulnerable to damage due to wind. Deep rains let tree roots grow nice and deeply into the ground, making them very resistant to wind damage from uprooting. However, during a drought like ours, tree roots grow along the surface trying to find water. This creates a shallow root system that is susceptible to uprooting during high winds.

You’ll also notice a lot of broken tree branches in the aftermath of a big storm, which can be due to improper pruning or not pruning at all. Many people want to “thin out” their trees to let more sunlight in on their grass or flowerbeds, but if this is done improperly, the canopy can be off-balance and vulnerable to branch breakage.

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